About Us

KOSS Business Solutions assesses and solves business issues - using technology as our tool - for companies of all sizes.

With a focus on creating effective business systems, we address a wide range of business needs including CRM, change management, custom application development, ecommerce, business technology strategy, hosting, process automation, communications, data management and technical support. Our experience customizing and integrating CRM solutions means your CRM system can always meet your evolving needs.

Business Area

IT Consulting Service

For over 10 years we have been delivering IT service in Korea. Our experienced professional IT engineer will help your business.

We provide below services.

- Web Development, Maintenance
- IT System Development
- CRM Development
- Contents Development
- ERP Development
- Mobile App Development
- Web Site Development

We have S/W, H/W, Cloud Service product.

- Groupware S/W
- eCommerce Cloud Service
- Web/Server Hosting
- UX Component

IT Consulting